The AOK Network is a community-based collaboration that is committed to assuring a high-quality, well-coordinated, easily-accessible system of care that will promote positive growth and development for children birth to eight and their families.

Our local Strategic Initiatives for the next 5 years include: CLICK HERE FOR FULL STRATEGIC PLAN WITH GOALS & OBJECTIVES

  • Building and Deepening Network Membership and Engagement - this initiative includes providing professional growth opportunities for members to learn to better work together as colleagues as well as strengthening their ability to work with parents.
  • Building a Self-Sustaining Parent Café System – This year we have 4 active parent café sites. This goal works to engage parents at a deeper level in their programs, schools, families, and community as well as give them opportunities to utilize their leadership skills .
  • Strengthening the Stephenson County Community Screening System – Work in this area helps to ensure that children get all of the services they need before they enter school so they have a successful schooling experience. This goal also works in partnership with United Way of Northwest Illinois to Increase 3rd grade reading levels.
  • Building a Baby Friendly Community – This goal is a community partnership with FHN Hospital and works to ensure that the community supports breastfeeding, and mothers are provided the support the need to begin and maintain breastfeeding as long as they wish.

Child & Family Outcomes:

  • Babies are born healthy
  • Babies stay healthy
  • Children enter school ready to learn
  • Parents are leaders in their homes and communities

Benefits to Network Members

  • Grant writing for stand-alone projects or collaborative efforts
  • Community Needs Assessment Data
  • Professional Development for community or staff
  • Marketing of programs or campaigns through service directories and advertising
  • Parent Engagement in your program and the community using Parent Cafes
  • Networking with other programs and services available to the county
  • Advocacy for your programs, or for the clientele you serve
  • Strategic planning for your program, agency, or an issue you struggle with.
  • Click to download the AOK Conceptual Framework Design document for more information